Everything you need to know about headless light design

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In the current home residence, the design of the main lamp has gradually become the mainstream design method of the current home design form.

There are several factors. The first is the demand for refined living. People have higher and higher requirements for lighting, and they cannot tolerate only one light environment in a space. Secondly, the complicated home decoration design in the past is no longer popular, and the simple, usable and intelligent home decoration design has become the mainstream demand. The main lamp design is in line with the modern home improvement design concept.

So today let’s talk about what is the main lamp design? And what you need to know about headless light design.

In fact, the design of no main lamp is to abandon the single large chandelier in the traditional main lamp lighting, and replace it with lamps such as light strips, downlights, spotlights, floor lamps and so on. The combination of various light sources can achieve visual extension, and at the same time can create different light and shadow atmospheres in the home, so that the whole space looks no longer monotonous, but becomes more layered and stylish.

Understand the basic parameters and functions of the required lamps.

The lamps commonly used in the lighting design without main lamps are mainly downlights and spotlights. The appearance of downlights and spotlights is very similar, but their functions are different. Downlights are often installed together for basic lighting; spotlights are more specific and are more used for local lighting.

The choice of lamps needs to be “according to local conditions”

Different lighting combinations need to be selected for different spaces.

For example, the living room can choose to use a combination of downlights, spotlights, floor lamps, and track lights, which can create a light and shadow level in the space and make the living room visually look richer in space.

The kitchen needs to have accent lighting areas and auxiliary local lighting, so that all areas in need do not produce shadows.

The bedroom needs soft light. Table lamps, wall lamps, and downlights can be used to provide local lighting. Soft lighting can relieve stress and relax.

The bathroom can use highly dispersed downlights, so that every corner has bright lights, which can achieve visual coordination and unity, and can also give a sense of space expansion. The headlights of the dressing mirror can also allow people to see themselves more clearly.

Measure color temperature and color rendering index

If you like warmth, you can choose yellow light with a color temperature of 3000k; if you want to be brighter, you can choose 5000k white light; if you prefer the feeling of sunlight, you can choose 4000k neutral light, because 4000k neutral light has the widest application range. And the higher the color rendering index, the better the reduction ability of the object.

Select according to the living habits of family members

When designing a mainless lamp, it must be selected according to the living habits of family members. For example, you like to read beside the sofa, but there is no need to put a lot of effort into installing a reading light next to the sofa. In fact, the same is true when installing lights. Because we spend a lot of time with lights when we sleep, there is no need for us to buy luxury chandeliers for freshness.

Plan the route in advance and reserve the position of the light

The circuit wiring is a hidden project, and it is difficult to rework later. When the water and electricity enter the site, it is necessary to plan and reserve the location of the lamps in advance. It is best to carry out the switch and socket at the same time to avoid the later rework affecting the construction progress.

For example, before installing the cabinet, reserve a groove for installing the bottom lamp at the bottom of the hanging cabinet; before reserving the lamp line in the dining room, first determine the position of the dining table, and the line opening should be left directly above the center point of the dining table; the bedroom lamps should be set at the end of the bed location etc.

Most importantly, the location of the light wire must avoid installation on heat source objects, direct sunlight, airflow and areas with significant temperature changes!

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