4 Strange Festivals, How Many Do You Know?

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Festivals are people’s remembrance of important days, in order to let those things of great significance be passed down.

In addition to some traditional festivals, there are also many strange festivals around the world, and all kinds of eye-opening celebration methods.

The following nine wonderful festivals from all over the world, how many do you know?

1.Watermelon Festival

The Watermelon Festival in Chinchilla, Australia, started in 1994 and is held every two years, usually in mid-February, lasting about 5 days.

Of course, as the town’s 2-yearly super event, there must be a lot of fun activities.
The contestants of the watermelon sliding contest insert their feet into the fresh watermelon, hold the rope with both hands, and slide down the slope covered with watermelon juice, and they are eliminated when they fall.

Headbutt Watermelon Competition: You must know that in Australia, one out of every four watermelons is produced in the small town of Chinchilla. The watermelons here are not only high-yield, but also huge.

After one competition, almost 200,000 tons of watermelon will be used.

2.Burning Man

If you fantasize about being able to break away from the shackles of a busy city for a short time and go to a paradise where there is only freedom and ideals, welcome to “Burning Man”.

The Burning Man festival is held every August to early September in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, and usually lasts for 8 days. During these 8 days, people from all over the world came to celebrate Burning Man, using RVs or tents to form a semicircle or a circular “new city”. In this temporary city, all supplies must be brought with them, except ice cubes and coffee. , without any commercial activity.

Burning Man promotes complete self-reliance, community tolerance and civic responsibility, without material struggles, people’s artistic creativity is fully stimulated.

All the participants are called Burners, and the Burners will dress up at the festival in fancy clothes and even… naked. Here you can use your surreal imagination, and all eccentric behaviors are accepted and recognized here. You can also make a big fuss about yourself, weird clothes and weird behavior are all acceptable here. Therefore, some people see it as a large-scale gathering of performances, sculptures, and architectural arts.

3.Carnival of Venice

The Venice Carnival every February is one of the oldest and largest carnivals in the world today.

Put on a mask, temporarily put aside your usual identity, and start a fantastic trip in a romantic water city like Venice. Carnival in Venice originated from the ancient Shennong Festival. Every year from winter to spring, people like to gather together, sing and dance, to celebrate the start of the new year’s agricultural activities.

In the 18th century, the popular carnival activities attracted nobles from all over Europe to watch. In addition to chamber music and theater performances, they would also participate in the carnivals on the streets and squares. Since then, Venice has won the title of “Carnival City”. title.

4.Cross-baby day

In a small town called Castillo de Morcia in northern Spain, on the 60th day after Easter every year, a grand “Baby Day” is held. A man in a yellow demon costume jumps over a pile of babies.

Locals believe that the man jumping over the baby is the devil incarnate. He jumped over the babies, saving them from ailments, especially hernias.

Many people may feel a little worried when they see such a grand ceremony for the first time. However, this traditional custom is not dangerous at all, and the local people have no objection to it.

It is said that this tradition originated in 1621, and there has never been any accident since it was first held until now.

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