3 Amazing Special Festivals

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In line with the entertainment spirit that solo Lele is not as good as crowd Lele, today I will share with you some unexpected festivals abroad~

TOP 1: Green Hat Festival

In Ireland, there is such a special green hat festival. On this day, Irish people usually hold parades, church services and dinners. They will wear clover, and decorate the room with the colors of the Irish flag – yellow and green. Clothes, green hats of all kinds, and the craziest thing is dyeing the river running through the city center green with edible dye.

Of course, this green hat festival is only the name of the outside world. The green hat festival, also known as “St Patrick’s Day”, originated in Ireland at the end of the 5th century. St. Patrick was a very successful missionary. His missionary footprints were all over Ireland and he had many monasteries all over the country. He also built many schools and churches. On March 17, 493, St. Patrick died, and the Irish created St. Patrick’s Day for him. So don’t be surprised when you’re lucky enough to be a part of it.

TOP2: Rolling Cheese Festival

Just looking at the words, what do you guess? It was the chefs who had to turn the cheese on the frying pan and who was better at cooking, or the participants who pushed the cheese and ran faster than who.

None of the above is how to play a cheese rolling festival.

Rolling cheese is to roll down a big cheese wheel from the mountain. The goal of the participants is to catch up with the big cheese, but the speed of the big cheese is very fast, and few people can catch up with it. With no one catching up, whoever crosses the finish line first gets the final prize—that big piece of cheese.

The risks and benefits in the process are not proportional. After all, many people will be injured when they roll down the mountain, or even break their arms and legs, but people still enjoy it. Probably this is the happiness of releasing themselves~

TOP3: Mermaid Festival

There is a Mermaid Festival in the United States. This show was originally prepared for girls who have fairy tale angel hearts and are keen on cosplay, but some men will also participate.

The people participating in this program will compete together. The contestants are not limited to men and women. They will swim in a large swimming pool and compete to show their “mermaid tail”.

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