4 Fatal Disadvantages of No Main Light Design You Must Know!

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The mainless lamp design is very popular recently, and it is highly sought after because it can control the light layout at will and make the light softer. However, the real fatal disadvantage of the mainless light layout is that many people did not mention it when sharing.

The design of the main lamp will make all kinds of downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and night lights fill the inside and outside of the whole home. Today, I will take stock of the fatal flaws of the mainless lamp design.

1.Water and electricity renovation wiring costs money

The first is to spend money on circuit wiring. If it is the main lamp design, the living room only needs simple wiring. However, after the design with no main lights, since there are no bright headlights, all 5W\7W auxiliary lights are used, so the number can only be used to make up, and the cost of water and electricity transformation is directly doubled. The excess money is enough to buy a new set of all-copper chandeliers.

2.Generally need ceiling

For example, the installation of downlights is generally installed in the ceiling. If the original design has a ceiling plan, then it does not matter; but if the floor height of the house is relatively small, it is unnecessary to do the ceiling for no main light. . Of course, there are also some downlights and track lights that can be installed on the surface. If the height of the floor is insufficient, the lighting effect without the main light can be achieved without the ceiling. When choosing lights, be sure to choose to place them in commonly used places to avoid dead spots.

3.The design is laborious

When designing an unmaintained light, it is necessary to consider the light distribution, the installation and concealment of the light strip and driver, which requires a lot of thought in the design stage before installation.

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