5 Eye-Opening Creative Outdoor Advertising

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If you think that all the outdoor advertising looks so unappetizing, or you simply choose to turn a blind eye to it, then the following advertisements, you should take a good look.
Here are 4 outdoor advertisements collected by the editor from all over the world. They use their creative strength to tell you that traditional outdoor advertisements can also play tricks, play fresh, and play with excellent results.

1.The “laser eye” of Canadian real estate agents

This is a humble looking poster with the caption “Patricia Houlihan shoots lasers in both eyes”, who is Patricia Houlihan? It is the woman on the screen. She is an independent real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of this advertisement is to emphasize that she is not only a broker, but also a lawyer, and she is a super woman with “eyes”. It can solve the pain points of customers who are difficult to find a room and choose a room.

Shortly after this seemingly simple and stupid advertisement was placed at the bus station, it appeared on the front page of Reddit, a famous foreign social news website, and attracted a lot of attention. Many people used it to play PS, all kinds of brain holes……

Compared with other real estate brokerage advertisements that follow the same line of warm family, the idea of this advertisement is obviously out of the old fashioned, bringing people a sense of freshness and creative pleasure at the same time.

 Canadian real estate agents

2.Audi Wi-Fi vs BMW

In a public place like an auto show, surfing the Internet on wi-fi is almost impossible, or the settings are hard to find, and even if you do, a password is usually required.

At the New York Auto Show in March this year, Audi used this to play a big advertising campaign. Audi sets up a bunch of free wi-fi networks, and the point is, these wi-fis are named like this:

Audi Wi-Fi vs BMW

328 reasons to choose Audi A4;

  • The A4 has more horsepower than the BMW 328i;
  • A4 has more torque than 328i;
  • A4 has wi-fi;
  • The A4 has CarPlay
  • ……

Some people have said that although this kind of routine is old, although it is to wear new shoes and walk the old way, as long as it is effective, why not use it?

3.Reebok: “Are you fast enough?”

Get free running shoes as long as you run fast enough?

In February 2018, Reebok, a subsidiary of Adi, placed an outdoor billboard, or advertising cabinet, on the streets of Stockholm. There were many pairs of Reebok running shoes in the transparent window of the advertising cabinet. A speed camera and tracker that automatically unlocks a new pair of ZPump 2.0 running shoes whenever someone runs past the billboard at more than 17 km/h.

Reebok hopes to inspire people to push the limits through this idea. The creatives of the advertisement said that they liked the use of classic outdoor billboards to develop this subversive and unique idea.

Reebok: "Are you fast enough?"

4.Glimpse Collective- #CatsNotAds

Tired of seeing all kinds of billboards in the subway?

In September of this year, at Clapham Underground Station in south London, a group of interesting and deep ideas appeared. All the billboards were replaced with images of various cats, creating a kind of cat invasion of the earth. From the visual sense, when you walk into the subway station, you will immediately feel like you are being cute. Many passengers stop to take pictures with these cats.

The group behind this #CatsNotAds campaign is a volunteer association called The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS), a group of people calling themselves Glimpse who are tired of the current subway ad creative.

The organizers of the event said that they hope that people can breathe some different air when they are in a public space such as a subway station. The purpose of this advertisement is to “no commercial advertising”, and hope that people can think about what is other than buying and selling transactions. The most valuable thing in life. And these cats can be considered as messengers who shield commercial thinking, relax you and bring you fresh inspiration.


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