Shining Bright: A Look at Blackpink’s LED Lights

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Blackpink is a popular South Korean girl group that has taken the world by storm. Their music, fashion, and stage performances have captivated millions of fans around the globe. One of the elements that makes Blackpink’s performances so striking is their use of LED lights. In this article, we will take a closer look at Blackpink’s LED lights and how they enhance the group’s concerts.

What are LED lights?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED lights are a type of energy-efficient lighting that has become increasingly popular in recent years. LED lights are long-lasting, cost-effective, and can produce any color of light. They are often used for decor, signage, and light shows.

Blackpink’s Use of LED Lights

From their debut in 2016 to their most recent tour, Blackpink has incorporated LED lights into their stage performances. At their 2018 concert tour, the group used a massive LED screen as a backdrop. The screen displayed stunning graphics and visuals that matched the theme of each song. For example, during their performance of “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” the LED screen displayed an animation of a tank firing missiles, matching the song’s powerful military-inspired beat.

In addition to the LED screen, Blackpink also uses individual LED lights in their performances. Each member has a unique signature color, and their instruments are also equipped with LED lights. During their performances of “Kill This Love,” the members’ LED instruments glowed red, adding to the song’s intense and dramatic effect.

Blackpink’s Choreography With LED Lights

Blackpink’s use of LED lights goes beyond just decor and visuals; they also incorporate the lights into their choreography. In their performance of “Don’t Know What To Do,” the members used LED light sticks that illuminated the stage with vibrant colors. The light sticks also matched the choreography, as the members waved them in unison with the beat of the music.

Impact of LED Lights on Blackpink’s Performances

The use of LED lights adds an extra layer of visual stimulation to Blackpink’s already captivating performances. The lights help to create a dynamic, immersive environment that draws the audience into the music. The use of individual LED lights also adds a personal touch and helps to differentiate each member’s role in the group.

The LED lights have also become a trademark of Blackpink, with fans often referring to the group’s use of lights as “visual stimulations.” The lights have made such an impact that Blackpink has collaborated with various LED light manufacturers, resulting in sold-out collaborations, such as the Hello Kitty x Blackpink LED light stick.


Overall, Blackpink’s use of LED lights has helped to elevate their concerts to the next level. The lights add an extra layer of visual appeal, enhancing the group’s powerful performances. With their innovative use of LED lights, Blackpink continues to push boundaries and make a lasting impact on the music industry.

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